Bird Feeders

Birds and people have been together since long ago, and just as our ancestors did, we admire their ability to fly and every spring we enjoy their singing.

Birds also help to control insect pests. Various bird species have vanished lately from our towns and countryside. Let´s bring nature back to us! A bird feeder can be an adornment of your garden or balcony and a shelter for birds during long tough winter seasons. Urbalive product range made by Plastia introduces FINCH Bird Feeder and DOMEK Bird Feeder. FINCH comes in a simple modern design and pleasant colors. Especially kids will find DOMEK very attractive as it resembles a fairy tale hut. Both feeders were created by young designers who managed to give them a soul, uniqueness and functionality at the same time.

Bird feeders can be hung on a tree branch, attached to a railing or a free standing bar. Maintenance and feeding replenishment is very easy. Recommended by the Czech Society for Ornithology.

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